Damian DelGaizo’s Tailwheel: 101 Instructional DVD
Mon Jul 21, 2008

Renowned tailwheel instructor Damian DelGaizo and Barnstormer Pictures are releasing their first DVD, Damian DelGaizo's Tailwheel: 101, an instructional video covering all aspects of earning a tailwheel endorsement.
"Our goal with this DVD was to create the most comprehensive video possible to aid in transitioning to taildraggers and earning the endorsement," says DelGaizo.

Tailwheel: 101 follows the progress of student Jill Wood, from her initial ground instruction, through flight training all the way to her sign off. Cameras both in the cockpit and on the ground record her progress, including many common trouble spots.

"We wanted this to be a real tool for training," says filmmaker Michael Palermo. "Our viewers will learn along with Jill by virtually being there in the cockpit with her."

The 93-minute DVD is packed with useful information, whether you are in need of a tailwheel endorsement or just a good refresher. Tailwheel: 101 will help you make more efficient use of your training budget.

Tailwheel: 101 will be released July 28, 2008 at EAA Airventure and retails for $49.99. Pre-orders are currently being accepted at select retailers or at tailwheel101.com.
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