1958 Piper Super Cub 160 - Dakota Cub Slotted Wing added to the fleet!
John Tremper
Wed Apr 23, 2014

When a local Super Cub came up for sale there was a great opportunity to add a new twist to the Andover Flight fleet. The Super Cub was custom built in 2004 for the then-owner of Trinca Airport, Mr. Alex Davidson by Andover Flight's John Tremper and was still in excellent condition almost ten years later. The primary objectives during the restoration / rebuild were lightness, safety and unique flight performance. The heart of the build focused on the new availability of the slotted wings from Dakota Cub Aircraft.

The slotted wing was actually a Piper creation developed for the YL-14 liaison version of the J5C Cub. Only 14 of these aircraft were built before the end of WWII. They were designed to take-off in 100 feet and climb at a high angle of attack, maneuvering safely without needing more complicated and heavy high lift devices. Dakota Cub Aircraft revised this design and using their very high strength ribs and modern tooling began manufacturing it for the Super Cub by STC.

This wing was initially offered either as a kit or factory-built. The kit version was ordered with another option, extended flaps, for the ultimate high-lift package. The result is a Cub that can operate solidly at 20 mph indicated airspeed with power on at an obscene angle of attack if needed and offered the ability to explore new techniques of using this performance to the pilot's advantage.

Almost all other parts of the airplane were new; a brand new Alaska Airframes,Inc. fuselage incorporating all of the most popular strengthening and safety mods, including L-21 glass for increased visibility, many, many CubCrafters STC'd and PMA'd new parts; performance mods such as the 160 horsepower upgrade, Borer climb prop and F. Atlee Dodge "hot rod" muffler; landing gear mods such as 3" heavy-duty extended gear and the AOSS suspension system with safety cables.

Originally painted in a unique scheme for high visibility, the airplane was disassembled on purchase, rejuvenated and repainted in Aerothane enamel in the same scheme using the eye pleasing red, white blue and silver colors seen in the pics that still make the plane pop out against any background.

While apart for the facelift, more mods were added to improve safety, comfort and ruggedness for its new role as the workhorse of the fleet. 10" wheels with 29" Air Hawk tires were installed along with a new "baby bushwheel" tailwheel using Bushwheel's new PA18 high-curve tailspring. New front and rear seat belts with inerta reel shoulder harnesses were installed along with a F. Atlee Dodge "Safari" rear seat. Finally, for enhanced elevator effectiveness new CubCrafters gap seals were installed between the stabs and control surfaces to be able to take better advantage of the wing's ability to operate at extreme angles.

Back in the air, this plane will do things that will amaze you on first exposure. Almost anything a stock Super Cub can do this one will do without breaking a sweat. N1814D (the N# was chosen to highlight the mix of the PA18 / YL14 technology merge)is available for dual instruction for tailwheel and the bush course. See our "rates" page for the most current information.

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