Tailwheel: 101 reviewed by the EAA in the June 2010 issue of Sport Aviation magazine
Mon Jun 14, 2010

The following was originally published in the June 2010 issue of Sport Aviation magazine.


This video is a study guide for all pilots wishing to get a tailwheel endorsement or for any tailwheel pilot who'd like to learn some tips from a recognized tailwheel expert, Damian DelGaizo. Each ground segment is immediately followed by an inflight demonstration to reinforce the material and make preflight study sessions easy and efficient. Running time is 93 minutes.

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Member Reviews

I have been thinking about adding a tailwheel endorsement to my certificate, and after watching this DVD I feel that all I need is the signature in my log book. ... I would highly recommend this DVD to anyone thinking about getting a tailwheel endorsement.
Steve Boyette, EAA 787513

Absolute necessity for any pilot making the leap into tailwheel training. This video is a fantastic stand-alone ground school. When used prior to training it allows you to have an understanding of tailwheel flying and will save you money. Great video presentation lets you see the maneuver while listening to the instructor on how to perform it. I strongly recommend this product.
Brett Portalla, EAA 1006779

Excellent mix of ground school and flight footage suitable for students to intermediate time tailwheel pilots. Overall video/sound quality was very good. The ground school section used some simple yet effective demonstrations to explain rudder pedal usage and gyroscopic forces. Watching this video helped reinforce the basic tailwheel principles that I have forgotten over time.
Scott Krzysik, EAA 82669


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