CubCrafters partners with Andover Flight Academy
Mon Jan 9, 2006

Yakima, WA and Andover, NJ — CubCrafters announced today that it has formalized a sales, training, and aircraft maintenance partnership with Damian DelGaizo and Andover Flight Academy. CubCrafters Vice President Todd Simmons noted, "We could not be more pleased to have such a well respected pilot and instructor in the ‘taildragger' and bush flying community representing CubCrafters. Damian is a renowned flight instructor with over 20 years of teaching the art of flying taildraggers. He has also been featured in numerous aviation publications, most recently in the November issue of "AOPA Pilot". Being so close to several major metropolitan areas in the Northeast, Damian is practically famous for all the celebrities he has taught to fly. But that kind of well deserved recognition aside, Damian is in the back seat of his new TOP CUB six days a week working nearly every daylight hour teaching students from around the country and around the world the finer points of tailwheel flying and back country piloting techniques." DelGaizo added, "This is a very exciting time for us. Having the best performing aircraft in this segment of the market is perfect for all our training needs, but I am even more excited about the opportunity to partner with CubCrafters and grow our businesses together."

To kickoff the partnership, Andover Flight took delivery of CubCrafters newest aircraft, TOP CUB "Legend" 164CC, in late December. Among the TOP CUB's standard features are 2,300lb gross weight, 26G adjustable seats, 52 gallon fuel system, extended upper and lower cargo areas, and VG's just to name a few. Some options that make 164CC unique to Andover Flight and the backcountry are 31" tundra tires (just added in the last day or two!), a bush tailwheel, a climb prop, pilot and co-pilot Bose headsets and a Garmin 420 GPS/NAV/COMM with the newest terrain feature.

With the introduction of the partnership, customers in the NE area now have a local point of contact to see and fly the new, certified TOP CUB, receive qualified instruction, and have routine maintenance performed on their CubCrafters aircraft. Within the next 90 days, CubCrafters will be naming its northeast sales representative. This individual will be working closely with Damian and the Andover Flight staff to handle all aircraft sales issues. Later in the year, Andover Flight will add a SPORT CUB to the flight line and become a focal point for sport pilots and students in this new airplane.

At Andover Flight's airport facility, students and customers will find complete CubCrafters sales materials, including new aircraft brochures and sales documents, financing information, training materials, CubCrafters and Andover Flight branded hats, clothing and other merchandise.

CubCrafters, founded in 1980 by current owner and CEO Jim Richmond, is located in Yakima, Washington. CubCrafters' roots are in the 50-year history of classic taildragger and backcountry aviation, but its certified aircraft, computer-aided design program and lean manufacturing facility are each leading edge. CubCrafters offers two new, certified, ready-to-fly aircraft: TOP CUB, the leader in two-place personal and utility aircraft; and SPORT CUB, the light sport category leader for recreational pilots. CubCrafters is also the recognized authority for re-building and modifying Super Cubs and similar aircraft, and it maintains a comprehensive parts inventory for the existing fleet. For more information, visit or contact the company at 509.248.9491.

CONTACT: Todd Simmons
CubCrafters, Inc.

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