Harrison Ford trained with us before filming 'Six Days, Seven Nights' If you're looking to put some excitement back into your flying, a tailwheel endorsement may be just what you are looking for.

A tailwheel endorsement is a great skill builder and will increase your skill level no matter what you fly. Not only is it unparalleled fun and excitement, but it will make you a better pilot and improve safety, too!

For tailwheel trainers we use the brand new CubCrafters Super Cub "Legend" and the classic Piper J-3 Cub. Our beautifully restored 1943 Boeing Stearman -- click for more pictures After you earn your tailwheel endorsement you can also check out in our beautifully restored Stearman biplane. Fly the plane that separated the "men from the boys." There's nothing that can match the sound and feel of a round engine and an open cockpit.

Most students checkout in 6-8 hours and can usually be done in a long weekend. Incorporate your BFR in your training as a bonus.

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