For those with a more adventurous spirit in addition to basic tailwheel instruction, we also offer an Advanced Tailwheel/Bush Flying Course. Learn the advanced techniques that professional bush pilots use and how to utilize the edges of the airplane's performance envelope. Even if you never fly in the bush, the techniques you will learn will increase your proficiency and improve safety. You will fly our new bush equipped 180HP CubCrafters Super Cub with vortex generators and 31" Alaskan Bushwheels.

  • Get maximum performance from your aircraft
  • Operate from unimproved strips
  • Master extreme short and soft field techniques
  • Operate on sloped strips
  • Perform confined area operations

    Call for more details.

    Course approximately 6-8 hours. Basic tailwheel endorsement required.

    Ski Training
    Learn ski techniques for various snow conditions, including white-out landings, remote area operations and self reliance training. Seasonal, please call for more information.

  • Bush Flying