Andover Flight Academy, (AFA), is tucked away in a beautiful valley in the wooded hills of Andover, NJ. at Andover-Aeroflex Airport. We're close enough to be easy to get to (only 50 minutes from downtown Manhattan), but far enough away to retain our rural charm.

But it's not the beautiful scenery which brings people to the Andover Flight Academy, it's the training. Nowhere else in the tri-state area is such a unique line of aircraft, services and training made available to the general public.

Since 1987 we have specialized in teaching the art of flying tailwheel airplanes. We have a SEASONED staff of instructors, some with over 10,000 hours of tailwheel time. We have been internationally recognized as the premiere school for tailwheel instruction. We have been featured in many flying publications including Private Pilot (May '95), Aero International (Mar. '96), USA by Air (Aug. '99) and EAA Sport Aviation (Mar. '00). Some of our well-known clients include Hollywood celebrities Harrison Ford and James Brolin.

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Wed Apr 23, 2014
How a local Super Cub rebuild eventually worked its way into becoming the new workhorse of the Andover Flight fleet, 10 years later!
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Tue Nov 29, 2011
A Whole New Flying World - Even though ski flying doesn’t require an endorsement, it’s critical to get instruction first.
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Mon Aug 15, 2011
Damian DelGaizo’s Ski Flying: 101 takes the tailwheel lover for a subzero spin. Winter operations are a whole lot more fun in a classic J3 on skis.
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Sun Nov 21, 2010
Damian DelGaizo's Tailwheel: 201 goes beyond the tailwheel checkout, building on the tailwheel basics introduced in Damian's first DVD, Tailwheel 101.
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Wed Nov 17, 2010
Invited again to Oshkosh, WI for the EAA's Airventure 2010, Damian DelGaizo hosted a ski flying forum at the Honda Forums Plaza.
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