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From mild-mannered, unique Super Cub to the current modified version, same plane, same place... ten years apart! Fresh out of the shop on a cloudy day for its first flight post-facelift! in-air shot of the SC doing its thing This is the feature that lets N1814D work some unique magic, quite a different experience from a stock Piper wing!
Fresh out of the shop for its first flight post-facelift on a cloudy day Still image from the Tailwheel 201 filming, picture by Michael Palermo. CC18-180 doing its thing Damian giving his ski-flying presentation at EAA's Oshkosh Airventure 2010.
Marking its territory Little addition made over the winter...mosquito repellent attachment! Actor/pilot James Brolin received refresher training this summer at Andover. Nestled in a pristine valley and bordered by two small lakes, Andover-Aeroflex might just be 
 one of the most beautiful airports in the Northeast. Photograph courtesy of Yasir Raja
The 172 is the standard aviation trainer in practically the entire world. Damian DelGaizo, President of Andover Flight Academy with the new delivery.
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