The AFA Fleet
On this page you will find information about some of the unique aircraft that are available at Andover Flight Academy.

click to view more photos 1958 Piper Super Cub
This 160 horsepower, Dakota Cub Slotted Wing Super Cub was custom built with lightness, safety and performance as the main objectives, as well as being able to launch similar to a space vehicle! Used for initial tailwheel, advanced tailwheel, bush flying courses and ski flying (seasonal). Dual rate, aircraft + instructor: $210/hr. 
click to view more photos 1943 Boeing Stearman
This recently restored biplane is the pride of the AFA fleet. Used for: Advanced tailwheel, aerobatic / spin training, high-performance endorsement, scenic and aerobatic rides. Seasonal, dual only.
Dual rate, aircraft + instructor : $285/hr
Click here for more info about our Stearman 
click to view more photos Piper J-3 ''Cub''
"The plane that taught the nation to fly"
Used for: Primary instruction, basic tailwheel training, spin training and ski flying (seasonal). Great warm weather, open door flying, 85 horsepower upgrade for the "bigger folks"!
Aircraft Rate: $105/hr. 
click to enlarge photo Cessna 172 ''Skyhawk''
One of our primary aircraft for instruction
Used for: Private Pilot training, scenic rides.
Aircraft Rate: $120/hr. 

Gift certificates and rides available!

All prices subject to change without notice.

Bush Flying